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Only for the volunteers who participated in 2023/2024 year.

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  • What is Dream Big?
    Dream Big Bahrain is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The organization focuses on teaching English to underprivileged students from public schools in a fun and innovative way. The aim is to improve students' English language skills, which in turn enhances their self-confidence and opens up better educational and career opportunities for them
  • What is the studying / teaching methodology?
    Our methodolody relies on volunteers. The lessons' contents are displayed through a projector and each volunteer will teach a group of two to three students. For Grades 1-6, we rely on the government provided syllabus. Grade 7 onwards (including university and parents), we rely on a general cirriculum that covers three levels: Level 1 (Synthetic Phonics), Level 2 (Grammar), and Level 3 (Speaking and Writing).
  • Who are the volunteers?
    Anyone who is proficient in the English Language is welcome.They comprise of students and employees that are eager to help underprivelaged children learn English. The volunteer can attend at the time that best suits them!.
  • What is VolunteerSignup?
    It is an online sing-up sheet that allows us to organize our classes in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring that there are enough volunteers at the locations that need them most.
  • How can I register myself as a volunteer?
    Volunteer registration is open all year round through our website sign up. To gain access to our classes files, you will have to sign-in to our website after giving you the approval.
  • Where are your teaching locations?
    We currently have five locations: 1. Al-Naim Tamkeen Youth Center (Naim). 2. Issa Town Club (Isa Town). 3. Saar Club (Saar). 4. Malkiya Club (Malkiya) 5. Muharraq youth center (Muharraq) (See the large map below!)
  • What are the teaching hours?
    Friday and Saturday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • Do volunteers gain a certificate?
    Yes! After completing 20 hours, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Dream Big and the location you have taught at.
  • How can I register my child as a parent?
    Registration is open in July, and it is done through our website (Admission).
  • What is the cost of registration per student?
    The cost is BHD 20 per student per academic year.
  • What school grades are taught?
    We teach students from Grade 1 up to University level, as well as all those who want to improve thier english langaue. Fridays: 9:00 AM - Grade 1 10:00 AM - Grade 2 11:00 AM - Grade 3 12:00 PM - Grade 4 Saturdays: 9:00 AM - Grade 5 10:00 AM - Grade 6 11:00 AM - Level 2 12:00 PM - Level 1 and 3

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